Medical Fighting Fund Donation

Medical Fighting Fund Donation


Why purchase a Gift of Kindness?

A Gift of Kindness is a donation you can make in the name of a loved one. Birthdays, weddings, anything – a Gift of Kindness is a meaningful gesture you can personalise for any occasion. A gift straight from the heart, to the heart.

Please fill in your friend’s details in the form above. They’ll be emailed a certificate in their name from you on the date you specified, a cute photo of one of our residents and a Gift of Kindness info sheet, explaining how their gift is helping animals. You will also be sent the email so you know it has been sent.

Please note we post the postal pack asap and we’ll still email you and your friend the sponsorship pack on the start date entered above.

Please note: Our Gift of Kindness program is intended for personal use only. To share with family and friends and of course as a gift to yourself, it is not for commercial or promotional use or gain.

Your donation will help ensure our lifesaving work continues – directly rescuing and rehabilitating animals in need, caring for our residents and advocating on behalf of all farmed animals. Thank you for your support and belief in a kinder world.

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