Little Miss Sunshine Necklace

Little Miss Sunshine Necklace


Since her rescue from a battery farm, Little Miss Sunshine has been on TV, has travelled to Sydney and Adelaide and is a whizz at counting. Now she’s retired from the big lights of fame and is living the highlife, being waited on hand and beak by her caretakers. Learn more about Little Miss Sunshine here.

Soaring like a powerful eagle, Little Miss Sunshine has taken flight and is poised ready to show the world just how incredible chickens really are. Beautifully and lovingly detailed, these petite but satisfyingly weighted pendants are a must for lovers of these gentle and quirky beings. 

  • Thick chain included
  • Stirling silver pendant
  • Handmade
  • Pendant height approx. 3cm
  • Length including pendant approx. 26cm

Ambassador Pieces

Designed and crafted by Oropa for Edgar’s Mission. These are more than simply beautiful pieces of jewellery – they are symbols of hope for farmed animals. Almost every piece is modelled off one of our rescued residents. This collection was custom designed by the talented Danni Meyerson of Oropa Jewelry, you can find Oropa Jewelry here.

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