Leon Trotsky

Leon Trotsky


Leon Trotsky's Story

When Leon was a wee piglet, his unwell mother fell on him crushing his hind limbs but not his determination to live. Needing time for his growing bones to heal was counter to Leon’s unfretted will to seek and explore. So a cart of tiny proportions was built to help him achieve his goals pain free and he no longer needs his rad wheels to get around. Read his full story here.

What is a Best Buddy? A Best Buddy sponsorship is a once off donation gift you can give a loved one personalised for any occasion.

How does it work? All you need to do is pick the start date (your friend’s birthday, wedding, etc.) and fill in their details. On your chosen start date, you and your friend will be emailed a sponsorship certificate, a beautiful coloured photo and their Best Buddy’s profile.

What’s a Postal Pack? We’ll post your loved one a printed profile including a certificate and photo of their Best Buddy. Please note we post the postal pack asap and we’ll still email you and your friend the sponsorship pack on the start date entered above.

Please note: Our best buddy program is intended for personal use only. To share with family and friends and of course as a gift to yourself, it is not for commercial or promotional use or gain.

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