Gary Board

Gary Board


In the dwindling months of 2016, something happened that would change the face of dairy-free dining forever. Vegan-friendly cheese was renamed Gary, and we agree it has its charms.

Impress friends while serving up tasty treats on the stylish Gary board and spreading our message of kindness. This crowd pleaser is also environmentally friendly, made from bamboo, and doubles as a nifty chopping board.

The Gary board is splashed with our thought-provoking quote and Pixie’s little angelic face. Born on a commercial dairy farm with severely crooked front legs, Pixie was determined to soldier on in the face of adversity. As is custom, she was taken from her mother shortly after birth, but rather than facing the grim fate of most dairy calves, her plight touched the heart of the only person who could save her.

At Edgar’s Mission, brave Pixie would go on to capture the hearts and minds of people the world over. While her condition proved too much and with heavy hearts we had to say goodbye to this determined soul, her memory lives on and continues to touch those who hear her story.

  • Bamboo
  • Made in Australia
  • Size 32.5cms x 22cms

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