Clarabelle & Valentine Print

Clarabelle & Valentine Print


5x7 inch print of Clarabelle & Valentine framed in a white mat board. 

Meet Clarabelle. During her time on a dairy farm, each of Clarabelle’s babies had been taken from her shortly after birth so that her milk could be taken for human consumption.
When her milk production waned, pregnant Clarabelle was slated for slaughter. But then kindness found her and brought her to safety at Edgar’s Mission.
One day her behaviour told us that something was amiss, although her baby was not expected for another week. Further investigation revealed that her precious little calf had indeed been born, and Clarabelle had carefully hidden her baby, determined this one would be ‘hers’.
Six years on, the bond between Clarabelle and her daughter Valentine is stronger than ever.
Bearing witness to these moving maternal bonds as we have over the years, it is clear that while mothers come in all shapes, sizes and species when it comes to their babies, we are the same in all the ways that matter.
Love, patience, affection, protection - these are traits that all mothers share, from humans to farmed animals. Yet for the latter, sadly these strong bonds are broken all too frequently due to outdated practices and laws and an uninformed public, impacting millions of animals every year.

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