Charm Bracelet

Charm Bracelet


Edgar’s Mission has been rescuing and rehabilitating farmed animals since 2003, during that time we’ve given hope to thousands of souls with nowhere left to turn. While there has been heartbreak along the way, there has also been stories of courage and survival. Leon Trotsky, Blossom, Babette and Saturday have all found sanctuary here and live the lives they truly deserve – filled with sun, good food and the company of their kind.

Every charm has been hand-molded and made in the likeness of one of our ambassadors. A great conversation starter, these sweet and delicate charms are full of character and have a story you can share.   

  • Chain included
  • Stirling silver charms
  • Handmade
  • Come in two sizes
  • Shortest length approx. 18.5cm
  • Longer length approx. 20cm

Ambassador Pieces

Designed and crafted by Oropa for Edgar’s Mission. These are more than simply beautiful pieces of jewellery – they are symbols of hope for farmed animals. Almost every piece is modelled off one of our rescued residents. This collection was custom designed by the talented Danni Meyerson of Oropa Jewelry, you can find Oropa Jewelry here.

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