Best Buddies

Make a real difference in an animal’s life.
Become a Best Buddy! As a Best Buddy, you will help us to feed and provide veterinary treatment for your sponsored animal buddy and their friends for one year (and ensure that they can all have lots of Wheatbix treats!).

As a Best Buddy, you will receive a Digital Best Buddy Welcome Pack via email. This pack includes a sponsorship certificate, your new pal’s profile, along with a number of wonderful portraits of your Buddy so that you may have them close by as your desktop background, screensaver, Facebook profile picture etc as you please. Please note the email pack will be sent on the entered ‘start date’.

For just an extra $5, you can select the ‘Postal Buddy Pack’ option and receive your Welcome Pack in the mail. This option includes a sponsorship certificate, colour photograph of your new friend, their profile, along with cool informative flyers and stickers.

Best Buddies are also a great means of offering your family and friends an introduction to the world of farmed animals. Sponsorships can be tailored in their name with a meaningful start date, such as birthday, anniversary, Christmas Day etc.

The Best Buddy ANNUAL sponsorship is for ONE YEAR only, and is a once off payment. There is no obligation to continue beyond this period, however if you choose to remain a Buddy another annual sponsorship will apply.

Please note: Our best buddy program is intended for personal use only. To share with family and friends and of course as a gift to yourself, it is not for commercial or promotional use or gain.

Thank you again for your kind support, it truly does make a difference.