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Rare Bag
Every Rare Bag has been lovingly crafted from recycled materials and tells a unique story...
Water Bottles
Save money and the environment by investing in one of our funky water bottles. Made...
Take your doggie’s fashion to a whole new level with these adorable Edgar’s Mission bandanas....
Organic Beanie
Keep your brain warm and functioning with our tight-fitting but slouchy beanies. You’ll also be...
Organic Cap
Tall, dark and handsome, this baseball cap will help you show off your love for...
I Heart EM Bag
If Mary Poppins were around today, she would want to get her hands on this...
I Heart EM Cap
Some people wear their hearts on their sleeves, well now you can wear your heart...
I Heart EM Satchel
Soft and slouchy satchel for the casual operator. Some people wear their hearts on their...
Animal Keyrings
Take your mini-inspiration everywhere you go. These little cuties will take care of your keys...
Plush Pals
Say hello to my little friends. While Ruby and her pals spend their days at...
2018 Calendar
Many moons ago, a caveman grasped firm a stick in one hand and etched a...